Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 5 thoughts

Day 5: Friday 5 June


Many of the comments so far have been about the project itself - rather than pointing out mistakes. People saying the project is pointless, it would be better done differently etc. Interesting to see different people's opinions and their attitude to language learning. So far no "please die" type of comments. Sweet!

Correction Style
I didn't state my preference for corrections - maybe I should have, or maybe I should have put it in the description. I prefer: normal Japanese (including kanji). If I don't understand the kanji, it's easy enough to look it up. Putting in the time is also a big help. Some people have written the corrections in a very clear, easy to understand style which is great!

Side effect - more interested in speaking Japanese
I seem to be more enthusiastic about speaking Japanese since this has begun. I'm asking people what words mean etc.

Side effect - thinking more about level of correction
Remembering again how too much correction in lessons can be overwhelming for the student and be pointless. Just the right level of correction is an art.

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