Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 4 thoughts

Day 4: Thursday 4 June 2009

Hey. I thought I'd write a blog about how the experiment is going, what I learn etc.

Today I started annotating the videos with the corrections that people have left. I think putting the annotations in the videos helps me learn from the mistakes more than just reading them.

Yesterday I announced the experiment on tdes and some people checked it out and left nice comments :) I also announced it on Twitter - and several people were very supportive and said it was a great idea :) Today knf announced it in Mixi and a few people were interested and came and checked it out.

I just tried to find a Japanese emoticon to express my thanks for a nice comment and spent several minutes looking at lists of emoticons (called emoji or kaomoji) and eventually decided on this one:


Cute, but not too much. Wow, there are some craaaazily long ones ... does anyone actually understand ones like this:


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