Friday, June 12, 2009

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About tdesdj

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My name is Sarah and I make an online educational show called The Daily English Show.
I'm doing an experiment for a month. Every day in June 2009, I am recording a 2 minute video blog in Japanese. The vlogs are unscripted so you can hear my natural Japanese which is full of mistakes! I'm asking people to leave a comment pointing out one or more of my mistakes. Please write in Japanese, if you can.

The point of the experiment is to see how useful this exercise is for language learning. I think that making mistakes is an excellent way to learn, so I'm guessing this will be a very useful exercise to improve my Japanese. I'll report back on how the experiment went at the start of July on The Daily English Show.

Thanks in advance to anyone who leaves comments pointing out my mistakes! I really appreciate it and the experiment won't work as well if no one comments on my mistakes.
I feel pretty shy about uploading these videos and having people listen to my rambling, broken Japanese but I think the benefits of the experiment will mean it's worth it.

In case you're wondering, this is my Japanese experience: I came to Japan in April 2001. When I arrived I only knew a few words. I studied very hard for a few years and my Japanese slowly improved then I stopped studying completely in December 2005, because I wanted to start working on other things and soon after that I started The Daily English Show. Although I've been in Japan for many years, my Japanese isn't as good as it could be because I use English for my job (teaching English and producing The Daily English Show).


These videos are all licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution license. You are free to share and remix these videos provided you credit them to: studio tdes

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