Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 13 Thoughts

Day 13: Saturday 13 June

Deleting Comments
I sometimes delete my own comments if I make a mistake, then I write the same comment with the mistake corrected. But I don't get why people delete their comments after someone replies to them. That's part of the value of comments ... I think X ... But don't you think it's Y ... Yes, you're right etc. Then everyone can learn from the comment convo.


派遣 はけん dispatch  (temp staff)


(Reply to above comment which the author deleted for some reason).

主張しました/抗弁しました (comment vlog#10)

主張 しゅちょう argue, assert, maintain, hold, claim, allege, contend, plead etc.
抗弁 こうべん protest, refute

支援者 しえんしゃ (comment vlog#10)
支援 しえん support

話し手がどこまで表現したいかに依り ます。 (comment vlog#11)

話し手 はなして  speaker

依る  よる  

完璧 かんぺき

辛口 からくち harsh

因みに ちなみに 

代理店 だいりてん agency (from comment vlog#12)

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