Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 11 Thoughts

Day 11: Thursday 11 June


あなたの話し方には心がこもってるのがわかります (comment - vlog#2)

When I read this I thought it was a negative comment because I thought こもってる meant cloudy ... so I thought they were saying something like: "I think you have a cloudy heart".
But, actually, 籠もる こもる means be full (of), be filled (with). So - it's a positive comment!
心がこもってる means something like heartfelt.


     ビデオ、映画、舞台 ぶたい stage/play (映像など) えいぞう picture, image
のき  店  


Gary Vaynerchuk's Japanese (Katakana) Name

Someone left a comment about saying Gary Vaynerchuk's name カタカナ style.
They suggested it should be:


I did some searches and he doesn't seem to be known in Japan at all ... but I found him mentioned a few times. People spelt his name several ways:

ゲーリー ベイナーチャック

I want to say ガリ or ガリー but apparently this is weird in Japanese, and Gary usually starts with ゲ when it's turned into Japanese.

So, I guess I would go with either of these:


When he introduces himself at the start of his show he lengthens out the vowels, like ベイーナーチャック but when people say it normally, I think it's more like ベイーナチャッ or ベイナチャック.

箇所 かしょ place, spot, point, part, portion, passage (comment from vlog#6)

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